Saffron, a treasure

Planted on the high Tallakht plateau , in the Taliouine region of Morocco, the Crocus Sativus hibernates for several months before starting its new growth. This will continue until the Fall to present us with these beautiful flowers, in the colors of the rising sun.

These flowers are picked and peeled in the early dawn and pruned with the deepest respect for the flower and its stigmas.

It then reveals its treasures at the cost of a unique and rare manual labor force. It is this work and this quality that is the guarantee of authenticity for true and natural saffron.

We cultivate virgin land with the greatest respect for the environment. Our organic BIO and AOP certifications, as well as our commitment to aggregation, are manifestations of this desire for culture and sustainable development in this magnificent area.

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The 123 Safran company is the result of a Team’s passion for saffron, becoming an obsession for the pursuit of excellence.

  An exceptional saffron, pure and natural, planted on the Tallakht plateau.

  Saffron, from the pistil of the sativus Crocus, is one of the most expensive ingredients in history. The word saffron comes from the Persian za'faran, which means "yellow".
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