123 Safran the sublime flower Taliouine

The 123 Safran company is the result of a Team’s passion for saffron, becoming an obsession for the pursuit of excellence. Their expertise, backed by scientific research, guarantees the exceptional quality of this saffron.

Ecocert and AOP certified, it created the largest saffron field (5 hectares) in April 2011 at the heart of the saffron kingdom of Taliouine, in the Moroccan High Atlas mountains. It also collaborated with the University of Agadir and INRA to work on the definition of the specificity of the Sativus Crocus variety in Taliouine.

In 2013, sales and marketing began in Morocco and abroad.


This is the region where Saffron, the Red Gold, is king. You can visit the saffron fields and participate in the harvesting, as well as to the Moussem.

Taliouine is a small town of about 6,000 inhabitants, but with its souk on Mondays, is a major stopover on the road from Agadir to Ouarzazate. The inhabitants are chleuh Berbers, who are particularly hospitable and the villages around Taliouine of Ifzimmer and Askaoun have beautifully fortified granaries ( the agadirs ), with the superb surrounding Siroua landscape.

The traditions in Taliouine are those of the Berber schleuhs, with their specific costumes and exclusive crafts and they speak the Amazigh dialect.

The manufacturing stages for Saffron

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1st stage

Planting bulbs : between June and July.

2nd stage

Flowering : October

3rd stage

Picking at dawn : between October 20 and November 10.

4th stage

Pruning : Only the red part is kept

5th stage

Drying immediately follows